90 min Brain Activation RM39

  • Pre-recorded Student Course with 96 Learning Sessions
  • 2 Learning Sessions every week.
  • 40 Minutes per Learning Session.
  • Each Learning Session is equipped with Brainwaves.
  • Module Content: Character Development, Dynamic Brain, and Photographic Memory.
  • Free Training Materials: Special Eye Cover, Textbook, GMA Card (Valued at RM100).

Original price was: RM100.00.Current price is: RM39.00.

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  • Choose Memoschool Location: memoschool.comBrain Activation Class
    • 90min Intensive Brain Activation
    • V.A.K Training (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
    • Class will be held at Petaling Jaya 10 Boulevard, GMA HQ
    • Conducted by GMA Certified Brain Trainer

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Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia