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About Our Master brain trainer

Dr. David Ting

2005 – Founded Genius Mind Academy

2010 – Doctor of Business Administration Degree.

2010 – Certified Brain Trainer (Korean Institute of Neuroscience)
2010 – Indonesia Guinness Historical Moment Record. (500 Students Cycling Blindfolded in Jakarta)
2011 – SME1 Asia Award (Singapore)
2013 – Certified Good Clinical Practice. (MOH)

2014 – Global 101 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award.
– The 10th Global Super Excellent Brand.

2015 – Certified HRDF Train the Trainer.

2016 – Global 101 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award.

2019 – Started Memohack Online Learning

2022 – Malaysia Influential Educators

Introducing Dr David Ting

Dr David Ting is the founder of Genius Mind Academy. He holds a (D.BA) Doctorate degree in Business Administration from the United Business Institutes, Belgium. He received his graduate and post graduate education in Singapore with a M.A. in 1983. He possesses a Certificate in Advance Leadership from Hawaii in 2006. He has been conferred the title as Practioner of Neurolinguistic Programming from Asian CANLP in 2007. In 2012, he has been recognized as a hypnosis practitioner from HUM Learning Institute. In December 2012, he joined the Successful Franchise Recruitment and 18 Triggers to grow the Franchise Business organized by KPDNKK and Franchise Malaysia. In 2013, he received a certification to be a Brain Trainer from the Korea Brain Research Institute of neuroscience and Brain Counsellor in 2014 from the same Institute. On 14 November, 2013, he has earned a Certificate of Achievement in Good Clinical Practice organized by the Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health in Malaysia. He is the principal inventor and master trainer about the mind development for children and adults in Genius Mind Academy. Recently he spoke to 700 principals and teachers about accelerated learning in Sibu, Sarawak. Under his leadership, Genius Mind Academy received the Asia SME1 award (Small and Medium Enterprise) in Singapore (Top 5 award in the Emerging Category) In Indonesia, his company was award “Rekor Museum Dunia, Indonesia” in Jakarta (World historical moment.)

Genius Mind Academy received the Sijil Pengiktirafan on 1 April, 2013 by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan. Since then, the company participated in the International Franchise Exhibition at PWTC in September 2013. Dr David participated in the franchise exhibition in Bangkok, Sydney and various Trade Exhibitions locally. He is actively training franchisees in countries such as China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and Ecuador. GMA has received wide publicity in television broadcasts in Ecuador, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, India and TV2 in Malaysia.

Dr. Ting award
Dr David authored a book entitled THE FORGOTTEN MIDBRAIN and is the author of all the programs in Genius Mind Academy and registered several intellectual properties such as:

Dr David Ting has been doing children education since 1983. He operated child care centers for more than 20 years. He worked among the youth in several organizations, doing counseling and character development. An active social worker, he also travels regularly to different countries to conduct leadership training, family camps, parenting courses, child psychology and motivational talks. He has travelled to Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, England, India, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Myanmar and China to conduct children seminars and family education seminars.

Dr David Ting teaches the Professional Enhancement Certification for Dynamic Brain Training at the University Malaya. All the trainers at the various centers must go through a whole set of training to quality as a brain trainer. At the moment, more than twenty trainers have been certified and qualified to do brain test analysis and conduct the memoschool classes.

master brain trainer
His passion to help children led him to do research on the mind development and his greatest joy is to see children improving in their academic performance, character development and family relationships. He invented courses for children and adults to improve their mind, to be more intelligent and to unlock the genius within a person. He teaches about self-development to improve in behaviour, change habits, successful living, and improvement in quality of life.
Dr David Ting believes that every individual is gifted, and the mind has unlimited potential. People limit themselves and put themselves in a box and lock up all the potentials within. The keys to unlock the genius within makes a person lives to the fullness. He conducts courses to improve their mind power.