memocamp Terms & Conditions

memoCAMP #2

3天2夜 / 3 Days 2 Nights                          

营会时间 / Time

开始 / Start: 29/12/2023 ,10:00am 至 31/12/2023 ,1:00pm

营会详情/ memocamp details:

报名费 / Fee :每人RM899 / RM899 per pax

营地 / Venue : Cannan Valley, Serendah

交通 / Transport : 自备 / Own



  1. 住宿
  2. 课程和活动费用
  3. 膳食
  4. 意外保险
  5. memoCAMP T恤衫– 2件

Fees include:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Course and activity fees
  3. Meals
  4. Accident Insurance
  5. memoCAMP T-shirt – 2 pieces


  1. 一旦GMA接收报名和费用的资料后, 一概不退款。
  2. 若报名者在有意外的情况(因病或白事)不能出席, GMA将根据实际情况,允许替换其他人选赴会。
  3. 有意报名者尽快填写报名表格并缴交所需的费用。名额有限,名额计算会根据已支付全额报名费的参加者。

Non-Refund Policy:

  1. Once GMA have processed the registration and fee information, no refund will be given.
  2. If the participant is unable to accompany involuntarily (due to illness or funeral), we will allow the replacement of the participant according to the actual situation, with condition that the participants must find others to replace them.
  3. Those who intend to participate in this memoCAMP, please pay the fee and fill out the registration form (google form) as soon as possible. Priority will be given to participants who have paid full fees.


  1. 服装:运动服,长裤,泳衣,拖鞋 ,校鞋/运动鞋。
  2. 请自备水瓶,三天两夜的衣物日常洗涤用品,雨伞等
  3. 请各位家长/监护人把自己的贵重物品保管妥当。
  4. 儿童不鼓励携带手机或现金。如有遗失,GMA一概不负责。
  5. 如有携带药物或任何特别物品,请预先通知组长/工作人员。

Personal items/belongings

  1. Clothing: sportwear, trousers, swimsuit, slippers & sport shoes /school shoes.
  2. Please prepare enough clothes, water bottles, washing items, umbrellas/raincoats, etc. by yourself.
  3. Parents/guardian to keep your valuables properly.
  4. Children are not encouraged to carry mobile phones and cash. GMA will not be responsible for any loss.
  5. If you bring medicine or any special items, please notify the crew in advance.


  1. 请所有参加者在出发当天早上在家自行检测新冠肺炎。
  2. 营会期间,有任何突发状况(生病或不适),务必马上通知组长/工作人员。
  3. 参加者可以自由选择在拥挤的场所佩戴口罩。
  4. ** 参加者如果在出发前3天内感染新冠肺炎,将被强迫禁止参加此训练营。若成功出示确诊报告及My Sejahtera证明,可获RM500退费。


SOP Covid-19

  1. All participants are requested to perform covid self-test at home in the morning.
  2. During memoCAMP, if there is an emergency, illness or discomfort, the participants must immediately notify the team leader/crew.
  3. Participants may continue to wear masks in crowded indoor venues (freedom).
  4. ** Participants who are infected with COVID-19 three (3) days before departure will be forcibly banned from participating in this memoCAMP. If the accurate report and My Sejahtera certificate are successfully produced, a refund of RM500 will be given.

**Changed to follow latest government directives.