How to apply myIOU?

Steps 1 – How to Register myIOU​

Firstly download myIOU app on your phone

Android Play Store:

Google play

iOS App Store: 

How to register

Steps 2 – After E-KYC succeed & update debit or credit card details completed, you’ll get RM1000 or RM3000 credit limit instantly in your account.

Step 3 – Please find JOIN Merchant+ button then find the scan button, and scan our QR code at the below.

myiou 2

Step 4 – Scan our merchant QR code at the below, you’ll get another RM10,000 extra credit. Total you’ve RM13,000 credit (RM10,000 credit limit only can use for our GMA courses)

GMA new merchant code

Step 5 – Once you get extra RM10,000 credit limit please choose the scan button & scan this QR code again.merchat myiou3

  1. you only can use this total RM10,000 credit limit for one time purchase. (can’t scan this code again)
  2. Example payment: If you sign up two kids for memoschool program total RM10,000 credit, first time payment 30% it will auto deduct from your credit or debit card.
    1. 1st month: 30% of RM10,000 = RM3000
    2. 2nd month = RM1400
    3. 3rd month = RM1400
    4. 4th month = RM1400
    5. 5th month = RM1400
    6. 6th month = RM1400
  3. Late payment myIOU will have penalty charges @ RM5.00 or 1% 

Step 6 – OTC SOP (How To Upload The 1st Pic)

Step 7 – After Taking 2 photos shown @step 6, please click here to submit your kids details with these 2 image. Thanks